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This FAQ only appears on the Sting etc. web site. There are no mirrors of this page or of any other pages at this site. If you see mirrors of these pages at any other site, please notify me ASAP. Thank you.

Please note that this FAQ and its maintainer, Marisa Meisters, have no affiliation whatsoever with The Police, Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, their management, or A&M Records. 

Separate FAQs for Sting, Andy Summers, and Stewart Copeland are also available.

Special thanks to everyone who has contributed to the success of this site.

Photo copyright © 2007 by Lawrence Impey.

Questions answered by this FAQ:

The latest news

The Police   Stewart Copeland   Andy Summers   Sting

The Police have reunited and are currently on tour through early August, 2008. The full list of tour dates can be found here.

February 14, 2008:
The Police are ending their world tour in NYC on August 4, 2008. There are 30 new US dates announced for May and July. Elvis Costello and The Imposters will be the opening act for The Police on the May & July legs of the tour. After completing the tour, the band will not release any albums of new music. Apparently the band members will go their separate ways and continue where they left off - working on their own individual projects.

The Police have been nominated for a People's Choice Award. The show aired on January 8, 2008. They were nominated in the category "Favorite Reunion Tour." They did not win.

Famous auction house Christie's held a Pop and Rock Memorabilia sale in New York which featured some Sting and Police items; part of the Ian Copeland estate. The sale was held on November 30, 2007 and included vintage concert posters, many record awards and a Rolling Stone cover plaque.

On October 1, 2007, The Police were honored in Paris, France, with an award called "Order of the Arts and Letters" for their contribution to the arts.

On September 29, at their Paris concert, The Police were joined on stage by original Police guitarist, Frenchman Henry Padovani, for the song Next to You.

In September, 2007 in London, there was a new photo exhibit featuring pics from the early days of The Police, called On The Beat: The Police. The exhibition ran from Wednesday, September 5th - Sunday, September 23rd

Here's a "snapshot" of a few photos from the exhibit; all photos Copyright © Lawrence Impey.

There is a new book full of photos from The Police's early days from 1978-1983 by photographer Lynn Goldsmith. This is not a reissue of Lynn's previous book released in the 1980's, rather, the new book contains additional photographs that were not previously released.

The Police are featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for June 14, 2007. Get your copy from a magazine newsstand if you're interested in the article, interviews, and new photographs of the band.

The Police were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on March 10, 2003 at a ceremony in New York City. Other bands that were also inducted on the same night include Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and The Clash.

A CD single entitled When the World is Running Down has been released in Europe. This single was originally released as a bootleg but is now commercially available. It contains three remixes of the song by Different Gear. Track list:

  1. When the World is Running Down (Radio Edit)
  2. When the World is Running Down (Original Bootleg Remix)
  3. When the World is Running Down (Different Gear Dub)

On October 31, 2001, the new soundtrack for the film The Red Planet was released by Ark 21. The soundtrack includes one Police and one Sting contribution: A Thousand Years from Sting’s Brand New Day release appears on the album, as does a brand new remix of the Police’s When The World is Running Down. Track list:

  1. The Tower That Ate People - Peter Gabriel
  2. The Inferno - Emma Shapplin
  3. A Thousand Years - Sting
  4. Mars Red Planet - Graeme Revell
  5. The Fifth Heaven - Emma Shapplin
  6. Montok Point - Strange Cargo
  7. Canto XXX - Emma Shapplin
  8. Alone - Graeme Revell
  9. Dante’s Eternal Flame - Melissa Kaplan and Graeme Revell
  10. Crash Landing - Graeme Revell
  11. The Tower That Ate People - Peter Gabriel (remix)
  12. When The World Is Running Down - The Police (Different Gear vs. The Police Remix)

George Michael covers Roxanne on his latest album, Songs from the Last Century. He puts a big band/jazz spin on the song, making it completely different than the original.

Another Police/Sting tribute album entitled Swingin’ to The Police and Sting has been released. This album contains instrumental covers of Police and Sting songs. If you want to hear your favorite group re-interpreted with a Big Band sound, this album might interest you. Track list:

  1. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
  2. Message in a Bottle
  3. If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
  4. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
  5. Fields of Gold
  6. Englishman in NY
  7. Russians
  8. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
  9. Roxanne
  10. Don’t Stand so Close to Me
  11. Every Breath You Take
  12. When We Dance

Both Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland were in Havana, Cuba performing at a festival entitled Music Bridges Over Troubled Waters from March 21 - 29, 1999. The festival brought together Cuban and international musicians and concluded with an outdoor concert on March 29. Andy collaborated with American musician Brenda Russell and Cuban musicians Fernando Sorias (keyboardist) and Lucia Huergo (flautist). So far, no reports mention who Stewart was teamed with. The concert was videotaped and recorded for archival purposes. Due to copyright issues, it is unclear when the music will be released to record companies, though the promoters hope it will happen soon. Visit the Music Bridges Over Troubled Waters web site for further details and to see some photos of Andy, Stewart, and some of the other performers.

A book entitled The Very Best of Sting and The Police has been published by Hal Leonard, the music publisher. The best guess is that it is either piano or guitar transcriptions of the Police and Sting songs released on last year's greatest hits album.

Eberhard Schoener released a new album in October, 1998 entitled The Sound of Derrick which features three previously-released tracks performed by The Police: San Francisco Waitress, Speech Behind Speech, and Why Don’t You Answer.

Reggatta Mondatta part 2 was released in October, 1998. The track list is:

  1. Don't Stand So Close to Me Louchie Lou & Michie One
  2. So Lonely Aswad
  3. King of Pain Inner Circle
  4. Man in a Suitcase Big Mountain
  5. When the World Is Running Down... The British Link/Philip Leo/Tenor Fly/Sweetie Irie
  6. Demolition Man Rayvon / Shaggy
  7. Rehumanize Yourself Freddie McGregor
  8. Bring on the Night Bim Sherman
  9. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da Third World
  10. Canary in a Coalmine Toots and the Maytals
On September 8, 1998 Outlandos D'Americas was released by Ark21 featuring covers by Latin artists. The track list is:
  1. Traeme La Noche (Bring on the Night)- Gustavo Cerati/Andy Summers
  2. Estare Prendido En Tus Dedos (Wrapped Around Your Finger) - Skank
  3. El Mensaje En La Botella (Message in a Bottle)- Ekhymosis
  4. El Tiempo Se Va (No Time This Time) - Enrique Bunbury
  5. La Cama Es Muy Grande Sin Ti (The Bed's too Big...)- Plastilina Mosh
  6. Sera Que Todos Te Acechan? (Does Everyone Stare?) - Saul Hernandez/Stewart Copeland
  7. Almas (Spirits in the Material World) - Puya
  8. Sol Invisible (Invisible Sun) - Lucybell
  9. Todo Lo Que El Hace (Every Little Thing She Does...) - Soraya
  10. En Mi Mochila (Un Mundo) (Man in a Suitcase)- Desorden Publico
  11. Rolando Por La Luna (Walking on the Moon) - Control Machete
  12. Oscuridad (Darkness) - Los Pericos
  13. Venezuelan In New York - King Chango

A new Sting & The Police CD Rom song book has been released by the company Eurpress in the UK for use with Windows 95 only. Price is £29.00.


Where can I order Police music/books/videos, etc. online?

The Sting & Police Gift Guide lists CD’s, books, videos, and more by The Police, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, and Sting which may be easily purchased on the internet.

Show your support for The Police and for the Sting etc. web site with Sting etc. web site merchandise! All proceeds benefit the Sting etc. web site.


  • Stewart Copeland was born Stewart Armstrong Copeland, on July 16, 1952 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.
  • Sting was born Gordon Matthew Sumner in Wallsend, Northumberland (a working class district of Newcastle Upon Tyne) England on October 2, 1951.
  • Andy Summers was born Andrew James Somers, on December 31, 1942 in Blackpool, England.

Marital status/children

  • Stewart Copeland married and divorced Sonja Kristina. He is currently married to Fiona. He has a total of six children, two with Fiona.
  • Sting has been married twice, first to Frances Tomelty (1976-1982) and currently to Trudie Styler whom he married August 22, 1992 at his childrens' urging. Sting has six children, two with his first wife and four with Trudie.
  • Andy Summers married and divorced singer Robin Lane before his career with The Police. During the 1970's, Andy married a woman named Kate, divorced in 1982, and remarried Kate in 1991. They have three children.

What careers did the band members have before joining The Police?

  • Stewart Copeland was part of a band called Curved Air before he put together The Police.
  • Before becoming lead singer of the band The Police, Sting was a ditch digger. He was also a school teacher at St. Paul's Roman Catholic First School in Cramlington, England. There he taught English and was also a football (soccer) coach. Before being invited to join The Police by Stewart Copeland, Sting was in many jazz bands, including The Ronnie Pierson Trio, Earthrise, the Phoenix Jazz Band, the River City Jazz Band, the Newcastle Big Band, and Last Exit.
  • Andy Summers studied classical guitar at Northridge University. He was a session musician and was also a member of the bands New Animals and Zoot Money's Big Roll Band (later renamed Dantalion's Chariot) before joining The Police.

Why did they decide to call themselves The Police?

Stewart Copeland joked that they called themselves The Police because it gave them free publicity in every country in the world. 

Has the group ever done any "sessions" work for other musicians?

The Police recorded 17 songs for German studio musician Eberhard Schoener between 1978 - 1981. These recordings were released under the following titles: Video Flashback, Video Magic, Music from Video Magic and Flashback.

What inspired the song Don't Stand so Close to Me?

The song is based on a book called Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. The book is about the unhealthy relationship between an older man and a young girl. 

What is Every Breath You Take about?

Sting has explained that this is not a love song, as many people believe. It is about a man stalking his ex-girlfriend (listen especially to the lines "You belong to me" and "I'll be watching you" for example). 

Who played guitar for The Police before Andy Summers joined the band?

Henri Padovani, born in Bastia (Corsica) October 13, 1952 was the original guitarist for The Police. He left the Police in disgust in 1977 and was replaced by Andy Summers. During part of the 1980's he was the manager for the European division of I.R.S - the record company founded by Miles Copeland. Stewart Currently he's a manager in Europe for Firstars Management, also run by Miles Copeland. Copeland said of Henri that all the guitar chords Henri knew (which were two) were taught to him by Stewart. Henri contributed (along with Andy Summers) to the song Dead End Job

Did The Police ever break up officially?

No, they did not. After the Synchronicity tour ended in early 1984, there was rumor of a live album and then perhaps an album of covers (specifically 50's tunes). Neither of these surfaced as Sting insisted on pursuing his acting and solo careers.

The Police reformed in the summer of 1986 for several shows on Amnesty International's Conspiracy of Hope Tour. Following that they immediately went into the studio to work on a new album. Apparently, no one had any new "Police" material written, so the album turned into a greatest hits. Sting wanted to re-record all the hits. His idea was that the three of them were better musicians now and that the songs should reflect that. Andy and Stewart however, felt that the originals were best left alone. In the end, they only re-recorded two: Don't Stand So Close To Me and De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. The former was released on the greatest hits in place of the original. The latter was never released.

The Police reformed again in 1992 for Sting's wedding to Trudie Styler. They played Roxanne and Message in a Bottle at the private reception at Sting's UK estate.

In late 1992, Message in a Box: The Complete (sic) Recordings was released and all three members individually contributed to the liner notes and even did promotional radio interviews for it.

In the Spring of 1995, the Andy Summers' produced The Police Live was released. It is rumored that Stewart Copeland also had a hand in its production.

In the fall of 1995 a newly repackaged greatest hits album, Every Breath You Take - The Classics, was released to coincide with the digitally remastered re-release of all five of the Police's albums. 




Books about The Police

  • Accompanying the Police by Nick St. Michaels (1985)
  • Complete Guides to the Music of the Police & Sting (1996)
  • Message in a Box : The Complete Transcriptions (4 volume set for guitar) (1994)
  • Police Confidential by Danny Quatrochi (1986)
  • The Police by Lynn Goldsmith (1983)
  • The Police by James Milton (1984)
  • The Police Chronicles (From Beginning To End - The Story And Latest Photographs) by Philip Kamen & Peter Goddard (1984)
  • Sting and the Police by Ray Nikart (1984)
  • Sting and the Police (Rock 'N' Roll Favorites) by Consumer Magazine Editors (1987)
  • Throb by Andy Summers (1983)
  • The Very Best of Sting and The Police (Hal Leonard) (1998)
  • Wild Thing by Ian Copeland (1995)

What do the album titles mean and who thought of them?

Police manager Miles Copeland named the first three albums.

  • For first album, Miles wanted to combine two opposite elements and originally came up with Outlaws of Love, but was dissatisfied with that. Since many of the Police's early performances reminded Miles of hit-and run, he thought of the band as commandos, which then became Outlandos of Love. To make the title sound more exotic, French was used: Outlandos D'Amour.
  • Reggatta De Blanc refers to the fact that the Police were blond, and played white reggae and punk music of the "Blank Generation."
  • Zenyatta Mondatta was originally going to be called Trimondo Blondomina, meaning "three blond guys (dominating the world)," but the band did not want another title referring to "blond" so it was shot down. They reached a consensus with Zenyatta Mondatta. Zenyatta Mondatta is supposedly a composite of several things. "Zen" comes from the eastern religion. "Yatta" is rumored to have ties to Kenyatta (the leader of the Mau Mau's of Congo-Zaire-Kenya). "Mond" comes from "Monde" - the French word for world. The whole thing was then articulated in such a way to sound like "Reggatta." Another possibility is that the title came from "Zenith" and "Monde," which means "Top of the World." A third theory: In Japanese, Zenyatta Mondatta has a somewhat rude meaning: "gave money, gave a massage."
  • Ghost in the Machine is the title of a book by the philosopher Koestler. The book focuses on man's "automated" behavior.
  • Synchronicity comes from the title of a book by philosopher Carl Jung: Synchronicity; An Acausal Connecting Principle. The basic theory of synchronicity states that events which seem entirely unrelated may actually be related. The song Synchronicity II deals with this theme.

What does that strange writing on the cover of Ghost in the Machine say?

It does not say anything, because it is not writing. It is a digital picture of the band. Apparently the members of The Police could not agree on a photo so they decided to put a graphic on the cover that would represent them instead. Sting is in the middle (he had spiked hair at the time), Stewart is on Sting's left (his hair goes across his forehead), Andy is on Sting's right (his is the smallest head). 

Are there any English translations for the song Hungry for You?

Translations are available from http://stingetc.com/hungtr.shtml

Why was Murder by Numbers omitted from the vinyl copy of Synchronicity?

Murder By Numbers was probably omitted from the vinyl copy because when Synchronicity was released, vinyl copies went on sale before cassettes or CD's. Diehard fans would purchase the vinyl album right away. So in order to get them to purchase the CD or tape when it came out, Murder By Numbers was added to those copies.

My copy of Message in a Box is subtitled "The Complete Recordings," yet I remember a single that was sung in Japanese.

Message in a Box is billed as every note the Police recorded and released commercially, but there are at least a dozen songs that do not appear on the box set. They are as follows:

  1. Peanuts (edit) 2:52 (taken from the single: Roxanne)
  2. So Lonely (edit) 3:10 (taken from the single: So Lonely)
  3. Can't Stand Losing You (live!) 5:30 (taken from the double LP: Strange Fruit - 21 Years of Alternative Radio)
  4. Message In A Bottle (edit) 3:50 (taken from the promotional single: Message In A Bottle)
  5. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Japanese) 4:00 (issued, along with the Spanish version, as a single in the USA. It was also issued in Japan and Spanish-speaking countries)
  6. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Spanish) 4:00 (see above)
  7. Wrapped Around Your Finger (live!) 5:22 (taken from the US 12" single: Wrapped Around Your Finger + The B's)
  8. Don't Stand So Close To Me (live!) 4:01 (taken from the 12" single: Don't Stand So Close To Me '86)
  9. Truth Hits Everybody '83 3:33 (taken from the limited edition gatefold single: Every Breath You Take)
  10. Every Breath You Take (backing track) 4:05 (issued as a single in Japan with backing track to Roxanne as the b-side)
  11. Roxanne (backing track) 3:11 (see above)
  12. Don't Stand So Close To Me '86 (dance mix) 6:23 (taken from the 12" single: Don't Stand So Close To Me '86)
  • ** Note: this also does not include any of the songs released on Stontium 90 or any of the sessions recordings made by The Police for Eberhard Schoener.
The dance mix of Don't Stand...'86 actually appears on the German edition of the box set. It replaces the "regular" version of Don't Stand...'86 that appears on other box sets. The German edition can be recognized by a small, square, white sticker on the back of the package that reads: Discs Made In Germany.

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da was also re-recorded in 1986 for the "greatest hits" album. It was never released commercially though. Because of this, it is legitimately *not* included in the category of every note the Police recorded and released commercially.

A similar situation exists with Voices Inside My Head. This song was re-recorded (perhaps at a sound check?) by the band in the early part of the 1980's for use as their on-stage introduction music in concert. It was never released commercially on an album or single, though you can hear it on the video The Synchronicity Concert

Has anyone noticed that the verse melody of Don't Stand so Close to Me turns up as the chorus melody in Dire Straits' Money for Nothing?

Yes. Sting happened to be in Montserrat on vacation while the band Dire Straits was recording Brothers in Arms at A.I.R. Montserrat. Mark Knopfler invited Sting to lend his voice to the chorus of Money For Nothing, which he did. Reportedly, Sting was very upset that his music publishers insisted Sting be given song writing credit for Money For Nothing because of its similarity to Don't Stand So Close To Me

Are the Synchronicity Concert Video and disc 2- The Synchronicity Concert of The Police Live taken from the same concert?

Yes and No. Apparently there were two Synchronicity shows in Atlanta in November 1983. Both of the aforementioned releases take recorded moments from each. Several songs on disc 2 of The Police Live (So Lonely for example) suggest that The Synchronicity Concert video was edited down to fit a required time limit. 

Questions about the management

Who is Miles Copeland, SR?

Miles Copeland II is Stewart's father. Miles was a "founder-member" of the United States C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency). Because his job took him to different countries, the Copelands grew up (mostly) outside of the USA. As Stewart has said, "I've been an American all my life, but I've never lived here."

Who is Miles Copeland, JR?

Miles Axe Copeland III is Stewart's oldest brother. He was the manager of the Police and currently (along with Kim Turner) manages Sting. He started I.R.S. (International Record Syndicate). He is credited with (among other things):

  • getting the band signed to A&M
  • pushing Roxanne as a single
  • naming the first three Police albums
  • organizing the ground-breaking Police tours
Who is Ian Copeland?

Ian Copeland is Stewart's other older brother. He runs FBI (Frontier Booking International) in the USA - a company that books acts across the country.

Who is Kim Turner?

Kim Turner was the sound man and later tour manager for the Police. He now co-manages Sting with Miles Copeland.

How did Sting get his nickname?

He received the nickname Sting while a member of The Phoenix Jazzmen. Everyone in the band had a nickname. One day Sting came to a rehearsal in a striped soccer sweater and the trombone player, Gordon Solomon, remarked that Sting looked like a bee. This led to him being called "Stinger" - which eventually became "Sting." 

What instruments do each of the band members play?

Stewart Copeland plays drums, guitar, xylophone, Farlight, and bass.

Andy Summers plays guitar and piano.

Sting plays guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, harmonica, saxophone, pan flute, oboe, Synclavier, and Moog footpedals. Regarding Sting's preferences in bass guitars, one of his favorites is a 1954 Fender Precision Bass, and he is also fond of his 1962 Fender Jazz which he has had since the age of 17. He also owns a 150 year-old upright bass (seldom used on tour) as well as a custom-made Hamer eight string. During his early Police days he used an Ibanez (long-scale fretless), a Z-bass that he purchased during the Zenyatta Mondatta tour which is a long, narrow upright bass that can be heard on the original Don't Stand So Close to Me and Every Little Thing She Does is Magic. He used a Steinberger during the Ghost in the Machine tour, a Spector, a Fender Telecaster, and a Fender Stratocaster for the Synchronicity tour (and the Fender Precision fretless from 1954 during the recording of the album). In the studio he uses any combination of bass guitars.

Why did The Police dye their hair blond?

They dyed their hair blond for a Wrigley's chewing gum commercial in which they appeared in 1978. 

Who created the first Police logo?

The first Police logo (with a dark eagle) was created by Henri Padovani's brother, Patrick. 

Have the members of The Police ever used illegal drugs?

Yes. All three have stated in interviews that they have at one time or another "experimented" with drugs. Both Stewart and Andy have admitted to using acid. Sting has admitted to using cocaine. 

Who is Klark Kent?

Klark Kent is the mythical alter-ego of Stewart Copeland. As Sting started to introduce more and more of his songs into the band, he started to refuse to sing Stewart's songs (and he would change the lyrics to the Stewart songs that he would sing). Because of this, Stewart recorded his songs by himself and released them under the name Klark Kent. More on this character can be found in the liner notes to the original album Music Madness from the Kinetic Kid (later rereleased on CD with bonus tracks as Kollected Works). 

Have the members of The Police appeared on each other's solo albums, or performed together since the split?

Yes. Andy made a guest appearance on Sting's album, Nothing Like the Sun (1987) and Sting in turn appeared on Andy's album, Charming Snakes (1990). Andy also toured briefly with an early incarnation of Animal Logic (featuring Stewart Copeland). Andy and Stewart have occasionally joined Sting on stage, individually, when he tours. Sting joined Andy for one of Andy's concerts in New York in 1997. Sting makes a guest appearance on Andy's 1999 album Green Chimneys. As for the whole band? The Police reformed again in 1992 for Sting's wedding to Trudie Styler. They played Roxanne and Message in a Bottle at the private reception at Sting's UK estate. 

Are there any other Police web sites?

There are plenty, and these are some of the best:

  • The Police File contains all kinds of information about rare Police recordings, memorabilia, and new Police (re)mixes that are being released on the market. This is a great site for collectors!
  • StingUs, a Sting fan club based in Belgium. Find a Dutch version of the Sting and Police FAQs, a message board for trading rare items, interviews, pictures, and much more. Maintained by Karel Van Isaker.
  • Message in a Web Page contains general information about The Police. Maintained by Matt Mugmon.
  • Rare Recordings, featuring reviews, track lists and occasional sound clips from Police and Sting bootlegs and rare recordings. Submit your own reviews!
  • Gert Online is a very cool French & English web site with a lot of terrific photographs and exclusive interviews featuring The Police.
  • The official Andy Summers site.
  • The official Stewart Copeland web site and blog.
  • The official Curved Air web site.

Is there a Police mailing list on the internet?

  • Yes! There is a Police mailing list that has been in existence since 1991. To subscribe, visit this web page and follow the instructions. This is a great list on which to meet fellow fans and collectors, and to discuss your favorite music.

Are there any web sites with Police lyrics?


Where can I find guitar tabs/chords of Police songs?

Is there an online mailing list for people who collect Sting/Police items?

There is an internet mailing list called Freaks which is distributed on a monthly basis. To subscribe to Freaks or for more details, e-mail list maintainer Erwin Kempen at freaks@worldonline.nl and ask to be added to the Freaks mailing list.

Have any of the band members been featured on online chat sessions?


Fan club/merchandise information

See the official Police web site for full details.

Are there any Police cover bands?

Yes, there are quite a few bands which specialize in performing Police songs.

  • Stung (San Francisco, California)
  • The Blue Turtles (Italy)
  • Cops (Los Angeles, California)
  • Mondatta(Argentina)
  • Reggatta de Blanc (Germany)
  • Roxanne (Denmark)
  • The Secret Police (England)
  • The Sherrifs (Spain)
  • Sister Moon (Canada)
  • Synchronicity (Holland)

Miscellaneous information

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